woensdag 24 mei 2017

Poppy Makes... a treasure chest surprise cake

Hej, everyone! Tomorrow the new Disney Pirates movie will be showing in theatres. That is why I thought it would be a fun idea to try out a treasure chest themed box cake. I did not (of course) follow all the instructions as said because I gave it a twist of my own and made it into a surprise cake. All you have to do is go to the baking page and see how I used a treasure chest box cake and turned it into a treasure chest surprise cake. Have fun!

x Poppy

woensdag 17 mei 2017

Poppy Makes... a new Mandala colouring page

Hej, there! On the colouring pages page you will find a new FREE to download colouring page, don't forget to check out any of my other colouring pages. Have fun!

x Poppy

zaterdag 13 mei 2017

EXTRA video tutorial Feyenoord or Ajax?!?!

Hej, everyone! An EXTRA video tutorial, yes correct an EXTRA video tutorial! Tomorrow we will finally know who will win the Dutch Football league. That is why today I have posted an extra video tutorial, in this video tutorial I will show you how to make a crocheted bunting. So please go to the crafting page to check out the video tutorial. Don't forget tomorrow is also Mother's Day and here and on my YouTube Channel, you will find all sorts of DIY's and FREE printables. Please follow me on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. Have fun!

x Poppy

woensdag 10 mei 2017

Poppy Makes... a Wonder Woman inspired Mother's Day gift

Hej, there! On the crafting page you will find a new video tutorial. I got inspired by the new upcoming movie Wonder Woman and thought it would be fun to make something Wonder Woman inspired for Mother's Day. Don't forget to also follow me on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. Have fun!

x Poppy

woensdag 3 mei 2017

Poppy Makes... Mother's Day Pancake Skewers

Hej, everyone! Today I have uploaded a new video tutorial as promised inspired by Mother's Day. In this video tutorial, I will show you how to make yummy pancake skewers for you to make for your mum with her Mother's Day breakfast/brunch/lunch in bed. Just go check out the video on the baking page and don't forget if you liked the video to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and don't forget to also checkout my other Mother's Day DIY, here on my blog. Have fun! x Poppy

maandag 1 mei 2017

Poppy Makes... 5 DIY Mother's Day gift ideas

Hej, there! Mother's Day is just around the corner and upcoming Wednesday I will be posting a brand new Mother's Day video tutorial. But in the meantime I have gathered all my previous Mother's Day DIY's for you to find in one place. So if you need some ideas for Mother's Day don't forget to checkout the video tutorials, the printables down below and also please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and hit that notification bell while you are at it so you will never miss a thing. Have fun! x Poppy

1. How to make yummy Mother's Day Chocolate +
FREE printable gift tag labels & how to gift wrap the chocolates

Click here to download the FREE Mother's Day printable gift tag labels. These I made so you could gift wrap your Mother's Day chocolates but, you could of course use them on any type of other gift as well.

2. FREE to download printable Mother's Day cards

Click here to download all 4 Mother's Day cards.

3. Mother's Day coupon book

The video tutorial is in Dutch but, is very easy to follow and below the video you can download either the Dutch version or the new English version I made.

4. Mother's Day bracelet + how to make a sliding knot.

The video tutorial is in Dutch but, very easy to follow.

5. Mother's day colouring page

woensdag 26 april 2017

Poppy makes... King's Day inspired friendship bracelets

Hej, everyone! Tomorrow in Holland we celebrate something called King's Day. It is the day of our King's birthday. Throughout the country are all kinds of festivities and in Holland we like to dress up for this. That is why last year I made the orange flower crown and this year I have made some Dutch themed friendship bracelets. Even if you do not want to make Dutch themed friendship bracelets, in the video tutorial I will explain all the knots and everything. So it is a fun tutorial if you want to learn how to make friendship bracelets. Please check out the video tutorial on the crafting page, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and have fun! x Poppy